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Regular Share Savings Account
A regular share savings account must be opened in order to establish membership with the credit union. A balance of $25.00 must be maintained in this account at all times. Once a regular share savings account is opened other accounts may be opened.

Share Draft Checking
No fee checking. No minimum balance requirements, no monthly service charges, no per check charges, receive a monthly statement. Dividends paid on accounts maintaining an average daily balance of $1000.00 or more for the month. An overdraft protection loan is available, which acts like a line of credit to your share draft checking account.

Club Accounts
Save all year round for Christmas or your vacation, it is easy through payroll deduction.

Share Certificates
Certificates can be opened with a minimum deposit of $500.00. Maturities range from 3 months to 5 years, with a variety of rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts
An IRA is a great way to save for your retirement and can offer tax advantages. Your funds can be invested in a IRA certificate or an IRA savings accounts.

Online Loan Application
New & Used Autos and Motorcycles, Secured and Unsecured personal loans, and a share draft checking account overdraft protection loan.

ATM & Debit Cards
VISA CU Check Card can be used as a debit card and an ATM card. VISA CU Cash Card can be used as a ATM card with a savings account.

Direct Deposit
Deposit your payroll, social security, & retirement benefits electronically for immediate credit.

Payroll Deduction
Use payroll deduction to automatically make deposits to your accounts or payments to your loan.

Credit life or disability insurance may be purchased to protect your loan.

Additional Products & Services
Wire Transfers, Cashier Checks