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Privacy Policy Statement

We recognize our responsibility to protect our members' personal information. We comply with all state and federal regulations regarding the transmission of private information including information used while conducting business via the Internet, ATM networks, wire services, telephone, U.S. mail and other means of communication. We want to protect the personal and financial information you have entrusted to us. With this in mind, we have developed the following privacy policy:

Collection of Personal Information
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union will not collect or retain information about its members that is not essential for business purposes.
  • When you apply for products or services at Fayetteville Postal Credit Union, we will collect only the information necessary to provide you with the service or products requested. We will retain this information in order to appropriately service your accounts with us. Some of this information may be transmitted to our business partners. Our business partners have agreed to abide by our privacy policy.
  • When using our online services, your personal information will be transmitted between your browser and our servers using cryptography. Cryptography scrambles all messages and makes it difficult for anyone to decipher their contents.
  • When you communicate with us via e-mail, we will retain your e-mail address, the e-mail's content and our response. We do this in order to assure your questions, concerns and comments are addressed in an effective and timely manner.
Use and Sharing of Personal Information
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union will use private information entrusted to us solely for the purpose of servicing your accounts.
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union will use your personal information for the purpose of providing positive identification during transactions.
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union will not share your personal information to any third parties (except for our business partners, where necessary for the servicing of your accounts) except: (a) when you make such a request in writing; (b) when required to comply with any court order, law or regulation; or (c) to verify the existence and status of your accounts for such organizations as credit bureaus, as permitted by law.
Accuracy of Personal Information
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union will at all times follow prudent measures to ensure the accuracy of our records and your personal information. When brought to our attention, any and all inaccuracies will be immediately corrected.
  • In order to maintain accurate records, we ask that you always inform us of any changes to that information (such as an address change, name change, e-mail address change, etc).

At Fayetteville Postal Credit Union, protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities. It is also an ongoing process. We will continually review our privacy policy and, where appropriate, make changes to enhance the quality of your protection. As technology advances, we pledge to update our policies and procedures accordingly.